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Free Shipping On $50 Orders With This Code: FREESHIP50

Carb Caps

Carb caps are an essential component to the process of dabbing and come in a bazillion different shapes, styles, and sizes to choose from.

Connoisseurs and dabmasters understand that having a good cap that fits your nail or banger is more than just eye candy to your dab rig, but instead, is really an important part of the process to both save your precious concentrates and also let you rip bigger better hits. 

Besides for being able to recognize the size of your banger or nail and getting a cap to fit it, all you really need to know to buy one is what your favorite style is.

(as long as they cover the banger or nail completely when sitting on top, they more or less all work the same.) 


  • $15.18

    Carb Cap 107


    We all know dabbing is only as good as the rig being used. This is exactly why every stoner must have all the tools necessary for a perfect dab. On...

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